A wide range of fingerprint scanners and other biometric equipment

Biometric Supply is able to provide comprehensive and vendor-independent advice for its customers.




Our trusted manufacturers provide top-quality products including reliable finger scanners and precise iris readers, essential for our customers' needs.

  • Neurotechnology
  • Suprema
  • Smufs
  • Integrated biometrics
  • Crossmatch
  • Credence ID

Software solutions

Biometric Supply is a subsidiary of Neurotechnology, a developer of high-precision biometric algorithms and software which is supported by more than 140 models of biometric scanners.

Since the company's establishment form 1990, Neurotechnology's biometric solutions have been used worldwide and in many national-scale projects that collectively process the biometric data of nearly 2 billion people. For more biometric software solutions please visit Neurotechnology's website