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Mantra MIS100V2 Single Iris module


The MIS100V2 is a high-quality USB IRIS sensor ideal for identity applications such as Aadhaar authentication, banking, and access control. It has a quality algorithm that can identify poor IRIS images and adjust based on inbuilt LED indications. The sensor uses proprietary distance sensing and focus analysis technology for fast auto capture capabilities. It is STQC certified and has a high-resolution CMOS sensor that creates quality images with JPEG2000 compression.


  • Plug & Play USB 2.0 interface with High Speed Interface
  • Lower FAR and FRR
  • STQC Certified Product
  • Supports Android Operating Systems
  • Supports Windows Operating Systems
  • Supports Linux Operating Systems
  • Connector Type: Wire to board

Supported OS

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    Mantra MIS100V2 Single Iris module
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