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Credence ID Credence-3


Credence ID Credence-3

Credence-3 is an economical next generation biometric and credential reading identity platform that places the power of mobile authentication into the hands of users in the most demanding environments.

This new platform features a 2.0GHz quad-core Single Board Computer (SBC) with 4GB-RAM 16GB-eMMC. Its dual-density mechanical enclosure achieves IP-65 water/dust protection and meets the stringent MIL-STD-810H drop test specifications.

An integrated FAP 30 FIPS-201 FBI-certified 500 DPI fingerprint sensor with LES film, a 13 MP camera and a dual interface contact/contactless smart card reader, make Credence-3 an intuitive and elegant combination of biometrics, credential reading and mobility.

Credence-3s power efficiency is the best in its class with over 12 hrs of continuous use on Wi-Fi and 10 hrs of continuous use on cellular. The accompanying Credence ID software suite empowers partners to build and deploy customized solutions for their desired objectives, workflows, environments and use cases.



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    Credence ID Credence-3
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