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Iris scanners

Iris scanners

Since everyone’s irises have unique patterns and color shades, iris authentication is becoming more relevant these days. Neither glasses and contact lenses nor eye operations, such as cataract removal or corneal implants, are able to change their characteristics. Irises cannot be altered or modified, making them the ideal means of personal identification. For this reason, iris scanners are widely adopted in government practices, such as healthcare and civil identification, banking and finance, and immigration for identity management and access control applications.

The iris scanners work by taking a photograph of an iris using standard and infrared lighting illuminating the unique patterns that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Once the photograph is stored in a database, authenticating an individual is quick and easy.

At Biometric Supply single iris or dual iris capture scanners are available both for beginner and experienced biometrics device users, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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