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  • BioID BioPalm

    BioID BioPalm


    BioID Technologies’ BioPalm is the compact and lightest livescan system and fully complaint with FBI’S IAFIS Appendix F specification in the industry for forensic analysis, kiosk integration and suspect enrollment.

    The BioPalm device employs the most advanced optical technology and dedicated special light source that enable users to obtain the highest quality images including flats, rolls, slaps, palm and writer’s prints. The BioPalm is absolutely your logical choice for government and law enforcement agencies handling criminal bookings, forensic applications and background check submissions, etc.

  • MultiScan 527

    Green Bit MultiScan 527


    MultiScan527 from Green Bit is an optical palm print and fingerprint reader. The scanner is able to acquire half-palm images (upper and lower), four-finger slaps, dual thumbs, as well as single rolled and flat fingerprints.

    The device is certified by the FBI as compliant with FBI IAFIS IQS CJIS-RS-0010 (V7) Appendix F and is also compliant with Appendix P requirements.

    The manufacturer specifies, that the MultiScan527 can be optionally equipped with additional accessories like smart card / NFC reader, foot pedal etc. Also, an OEM scanner module is available for embedding into custom solutions.