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Biometric Supply is able to provide the best and vendor-independent advice for its customers on selecting suitable biometric hardware for their projects. The company is subsidiary of Neurotechnology, an experienced developer and global vendor of core biometric technologies since 1990.

End-user biometric software

NCheck Bio Attendance NCheck Bio Attendance
A ready-to-use application for user attendance control automation with fingerprint and face biometrics.
  NVeiler Video Filter NVeiler Video Filter
A plug-in for VirtualDub that automatically detects, tracks and hides faces or objects in videos using pixelation.

Biometric scanners

IriShield - USB MK 2120U
IriShield - USB MK 2120U

A portable, ready-to-use single iris scanner.

Indoor camera with 1080p resolution for surveillance applications.

Lightweight 10-Print Roll Scanner with FAP 60 Certification, based on proprietary light emitting sensor technology.
BioMini Slim 2
BioMini Slim 2

Ultra-slim single fingerprint reader, PIV and Mobile ID FAP20 compliant, IP65 rugged.

More fingerprint readers, iris scanners and surveillance cameras

Biometric SDKs by Neurotechnology

MegaMatcher SDK
MegaMatcher SDK

AFIS or multi-biometric fingerprint, face, voice and iris identification for large-scale systems.
VeriLook SDK
VeriLook SDK

Face identification for stand-alone and Web solutions and surveillance applications.
VeriFinger SDK
VeriFinger SDK

Fingerprint identification for stand-alone and Web solutions.
VeriEye SDK
VeriEye SDK

Eye iris identification for stand-alone and Web solutions.

More biometric products at Neurotechnology web site:

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Futronic FS60 is available for very special price.

Get an FBI-certified, 4+4+2 fingerprint reader for AFIS applications and save € 400 on each unit.


June 1, 2017
Suprema BioMini Slim 2 single fingerprint reader is now available.

May 26, 2017
MARS 02 single fingerprint reader from NeuBio Technology is now available.

April 28, 2017
Columbo single fingerprint reader from Integrated Biometrics is now available.

March 30, 2017
Watson Mini dual-fingerprint reader from Integrated Biometrics is now available.

March 15, 2017
Sherlock dual-fingerprint reader from Integrated Biometrics is now available.

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