Futronic FS81 OEM module


Futronic FS81 is an OEM module version of FS80 fingerprint scanner. The module includes a CMOS sensor with precise optical system for fingerprint capture. The optical system allows to capture fingerprint images without any distortions.

Problematic fingerprints (wet, dry or blurred) can be reliably scanned with the module as it uses infra-red LEDs for finger illumination. Image quality optimization is obtained by automatical adjustment of illumination intensity for each finger.

FS81 module has rugged sensor with a crown glass scanning window (14 mm thickness).

The module includes a 5 pin JST connector for connecting to USB host.


  • Precise optics – allow to scan almost undistorted fingerprint image.
  • Infra-red illumination – allows to scan wet, dry, blurred and other problematic fingers.
  • Rugged sensor – thick (14 mm) crown glass used for platen.