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Vista Imaging VistaEY2P


Vista Imaging VistaEY2P

VistaEY2P is a compact multimodal biometric device that is able to capture dual iris and face images. The device provides single gesture iris & face capture with LiveEye anti-Spoof Detection.

Irises and face capture is performed at 22″ (about 0.5 m) distance. Iris images capture is improved by using multi wavelength infra-red illumination, distance sensing technology, integrated mirror and LED-based feedback. Multi-positional iris illumination allowing authentication on most target subjects with eyewear. An integrated flash allows to capture faces in low-light environments.

The iris images are ISO/IEC 19794-6 compliant and face images are ISO/IEC 19794-5 compliant.

VistaEY2P also includes integrated microphone and speaker that provide 16 KHz 16-bit audio I/O, thus making it suitable for user voice capture which can be used in multi-biometric systems with speaker recognition.

VistaEY2P is also known as VistaEY2-02.



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    Vista Imaging VistaEY2P
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