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Integrated Biometrics Kojak PL


Integrated Biometrics Kojak PL

The Kojak is a compact ten-finger biometric scanner which is manufactured by Integrated Biometrics.

The reader is based on proprietary LES (Light Emitting Sensor) technology, which ensures high-quality fingerprint scanning even when dirty, dry or rough fingers are scanned. The large platen allows to capture four-print slaps, dual thumbs and single flats.

The manufacturer specifies that the device has low power consumption and light weight, which make it suitable for mobile applications.

Kojak with rolled fingerprints capture is also available.


  • FBI Appendix F Certified
  • 4+4+2 flat fingerprint capture
  • Compact, lightweight scanner


Sensor size

Image size


    Integrated Biometrics Kojak PL
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