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Mantra MELO31 FAP30 Optical single fingerprint module


MELO31 is a rugged and secure FBI PIV-certified fingerprint scanner with advanced features for high accuracy and security. It is designed for large-scale identification and verification projects in wet environments and has a large platen area for precise and convenient biometric data capture. MELO31 is easy to use and can be integrated into various systems using their SDKs.


  • Support NIST compliance WSQ/JPEG Image compression standard
  • Latent Fingerprint detection
  • Support ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005/2011 & ANSI INCITS 378-2004 Biometric Data Interchange Format
  • MINEX III certified high performing fingerprint algorithm
  • FBI PIV Certified
  • Lower FRR and FAR
  • Scratch Free Optical Sensor
  • Capture high quality image with Dry, Moist, Wet or Rough fingerprints
  • Connector Type: FPC or Wire to board


Sensor size

20.32mm x 25.40mm

Image size

400 x 500 pixels


USB 2.0

Supported OS

, ,



    Mantra MELO31 FAP30 Optical single fingerprint module
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