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Green Bit DactyScan 40i


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Green Bit DactyScan 40i

The DactyScan40i from Green Bit is an optical fingerprint reader that is able to capture dual flat fingerprints and single rolled or flat fingerprints. The scanner is certified by FBI as IAFIS IQS Appendix F and PIV compliant.

The manufacturer specifies that the scanner is compact, has low power consumption from USB port, and thus is suitable for high-traffic mobile ID solutions, like border control, on-the-road identification, passport issuance etc. The device has also 10 LEDs (one for each finger) for more convenient capture of all 10 fingerprints from a person.

An SDK is included with the device; the SDK provides control over the scanner, as well as allows to retrieve ANSI/NIST compliant fingerprint images in jpeg, jpeg2000 or WSQ formats.


  • FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F and PIV certified
  • Dual flat and single rolled fingeprints capture
  • ANSI/NIST standards and WSQ format support
  • Suitable for 10 fingeprint capture
  • Compact form-factor


Sensor size



    Green Bit DactyScan 40i
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