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  • BioID BioIris

    BioID Technologies’ BioIRIS is an ultra-compact binoculars type iris scanner which is designed to rapidly authenticate the identity of an individual by using their iris image. The BioIRIS features with superior iris image capture and matching algorithms to ensure the best quality images and avoid false positives while maximizing true positive identification rates. With an unparalleled user interface, the BioIRIS performs high speed dual iris capture and outputs high quality ISO standards compliant images. The BioIRIS makes the enrollment easier for both subject and operator.

  • BioID BioPalm

    BioID Technologies’ BioPalm is the compact and lightest livescan system and fully complaint with FBI’S IAFIS Appendix F specification in the industry for forensic analysis, kiosk integration and suspect enrollment.

    The BioPalm device employs the most advanced optical technology and dedicated special light source that enable users to obtain the highest quality images including flats, rolls, slaps, palm and writer’s prints. The BioPalm is absolutely your logical choice for government and law enforcement agencies handling criminal bookings, forensic applications and background check submissions, etc.

  • BioID BioSlap

    BioID Technologies’ BioSlap is the compact ten-print livescan device FBI’s IAFIS Appendix F certified and designed to capture four finger slaps, two thumbs or rolled finger simultaneously.

    The BioSlap employs the most advanced optical technology and dedicated special light source that allow high speed print image capturing and seamless image processing, which ensure the best image quality for slap prints as well as for rolled fingerprints.

    The BioSlap is absolutely your ideal choice for all your civil or criminal identification applications such as voter registration, national ID issuance, applicant background checks, etc.

BioID BioSlap
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