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Reader Mini + iSecure Apps Bundle

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Koehlke International offers the Reader Mini fingerprint reader bundled with a set of biometric security applications for everyday PC usage.

The bundle contains:

  • One Reader Mini fingerprint reader.
  • One iSecure Apps Suite installation license.
  • Installation CD with the iSecure Apps Suite.
  • Usage guide for the iSecure Apps Suite.

The optical fingerprint reader is compact and suitable for using with both laptops and regular PCs. It features scratch-resistant casing and is able to reject latent fingerprints.

This fingerprint reader is no longer available. You may consider any other fingerprint scanner from the stock.

iSecure Apps Suite overview

The iSecure Apps Suite includes a set of Microsoft Windows applications that use fingerprint biometrics for these security-related tasks:

  • Windows Login. The regular Windows login can be enhanced with fingerprint biometrics. The application integrates with the regular Windows user administration. Multiple users can add fingerprints for their accounts.
  • Host Lock. A PC or laptop can be locked after predefined amount of inactive time. The unlock is done by placing a finger on the reader, or by typing a password. Screen saver can be optionally configured to launch.
  • Web accounts management. This application allows users to log in to their social networks, webmail and other web accounts with their fingerprints:
    • Automatic login feature – a background login to the selected websites once the user is authenticated.
    • Comprehensive record for each web account – each record can include a web address of the web service, as well as informative description and options to automatically log.
    • Integration with the leading web browsers – an extension or plug-in can be optionally installed to the browser.
    • Secure storage of usernames and passwords – the sensitive data is protected by fingerprint biometrics.
    • Data transfer to another PC – the whole directory can be exported to a file, or imported from a file (secured with additional user authentication).
  • File encryption. The application allows to encrypt and decrypt selected files or folders:
    • Drag-and-drop support.
    • Right-click menu integration.
    • Additional security by mandatory fingerprint verification during encryption/decryption.

The suite also includes these internal security-related features:

  • User authentication with a fingerprint or a password when the suite is started.
  • Automatic log-out after predefined inactivity time to prevent unauthorized access to the applications suite.
  • Several fingerprints per user support.


Device nameReader Mini fingerprint scanner and iSecure Apps bundle
ManufacturerKoehlke International Ltd.
Device connectionUSB 2.0
Supported OS
(tested with
Neurotechnology products)
Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
Sensor resolution500 ppi
Image capture area (Platen size)12 x 15 mm (0.5" x 0.6")
Sensor typeOptical, CMOS
Fingerprint capture methodTouch
Fingerprint image size240 x 288 pixels
Device size52 x 30 x 13 mm (2.0" x 1.2" x 0.5")
Device weight28 grams (1.0 oz)
Operating temperature0°C ~ +70°C
Operating humidity0-85% non-condensing

Product pictures

Fingerprint reader
Koehlke Reader Mini fingerprint reader
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iSecure Apps
iSecure Apps screenshots
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€ 1,100 per unit
€ 700 per unit

Futronic FS60 is available for very special price.

Get an FBI-certified, 4+4+2 fingerprint reader for AFIS applications and save € 400 on each unit.


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