Buy Lumidigm V302 Biometric Sensor with IP65 shell

Lumidigm V302 with IP65 shell


Lumidigm V302 with IP65 shell

This fingerprint scanner is made of a Lumidigm V300 series sensor in a metallic case that is IP65 compliant.

The scanner uses Lumidigm patented multispectral imaging technology that allows to scan both finger’s surface and subsurface tissues. High quality fingerprint images can be captured even from problematic fingers like wet, dry, dirty or affected by age and/or environment related changes.

The multispectral imaging technology also allows to reject fake or spoof fingers by capturing detailed surface and deep tissue data.

The device shell has IP65 rating, meaning that the scanner’s internals are completely sealed and protected from dust and water projected from a nozzle.


  • Reliable capture of problematic fingerprints
  • Fake and spoof fingerprint detection
  • IP65 compliant shell


Sensor size

IP rating


    Lumidigm V302 with IP65 shell
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