Online shop policy

Note that you unambiguously accept this policy by placing an order using Biometric Supply online shopping cart or by email or other means of communications.

Customer Identity

Private customers and representatives of business customers commit that they are adult, capable and have provided the right and correct information about themselves during making an order, otherwise Biometric Supply reserves the rights to cancel orders with incorrect and/or false customer information.

The customers will be solely responsible for any consequences, inconvenience and losses if they provide false or incorrect information about themselves.

The customer information includes:

  • full name of the person that makes the order;
  • company name (if the order is made on behalf of a company);
  • email address;
  • full shipping address;
  • phone number.

Biometric Supply does not require its customers to register on the web site at the moment, thus the Customer have to provide full and correct information during making every order. In case of phone- or email-placed orders the Customer may confirm that their information is unchanged from making previous order. See also the Privacy policy.

Pricing & Payment

  • All prices on Biometric Supply web site are in Euro.
  • Some products may have lower unit prices for bigger quantities; see prices for an individual item for more information.
  • Quantity discounts do not accumulate over time.
  • Product prices may change from time to time; in case of change a notice will be placed on the prices page.
  • The prices do not include shipping charges or any taxes (including VAT or customs).
  • Customers from European Union member countries have to pay 21% Value Added Tax (VAT) for the goods that are shipped from EU member countries and for the shipping of these goods, unless they provide a valid VAT Payer’s ID that corresponds their company or organization.
  • Customers should pay for their orders in advance, no payment on delivery is available. Once the order is paid, Biometric Supply will start the delivery process.
  • There are two methods of payment available:
    • PayPal™. The secure online payment processing will be done by PayPal.
    • Bank transfer. A commercial offer will be send to the customer after the order is placed.

Stock Availability

Each product has its own stock availability. The number of items in stock is shown on the product page and in online shopping cart. Some products may be not in stock during the ordering.

If an order contains any non-stock items, or some items in the order exceed the available stock, the customers will be unable to pay for the order using credit card immediately. However they may place the order with the option “Pay by bank transfer” and wait for further instructions from Biometric Supply. Biometric Supply will review the possibility of stock supplement and contact the Customer with the information about items and/or payment options availability.

Order Processing

Biometric Supply will try to do its best to process a paid order as soon as possible. However the shipping times does not depend on Biometric Supply, as Biometric Supply performs order shipping using shipping companies services.

The order processing is done in these steps and time periods:

  1. The Customer places an order using Biometric Supply online shopping cart or by other means of communications.
    • For the shopping cart orders all total prices for ordered products and shipping services are calculated automatically by the shopping cart software.
    • If a Customer has chosen payment by bank transfer using the online shopping cart or placed the order using email or phone or other means of communications, Biometric Supply will generate and send an invoice to a provided address. If some products or shipping services are unavailable at that moment, Biometric Supply will contact the Customer to arrange a possible solution before generating the invoice.
  2. The Customer pays for the order using the available payment options either immediately if paying by credit card, or after receiving an invoice from Biometric Supply.
  3. Biometric Supply waits for the confirmation that the order has been paid.
    • For credit card payments the confirmation is usually available at the same or the next business day after the payment is performed.
    • For bank transfer the confirmation is usually available from 1 to 7 business days after the transfer is performed.
  4. Once the payment confirmations is received, Biometric Supply processes the order and arranges the order shipping. This step may take from 1 to 10 business days.
  5. The order is collected and delivered to customer by a shipping company. The shipping time usually depends on customer’s location and the shipping company performance. The shipping processs may take up to 10 business days or more; in most cases it takes up to 4 business days.


Customers pay for shipping the products that they have ordered at Biometric Supply.

Biometric Supply uses the best services from major shipping companies (like UPS, DHL, TNT) to deliver goods to its customers. The delivery terms are thus defined by a shipping company that performs a delivery of a specific orders and the responsibility for the loss of products during shipment is on the shipping company.

Biometric Supply ships from warehouses in the US, UK, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Lithuania. Each warehouse has its own list of products and stock amount, thus some products may be available only from one specific warehouse, and if your order includes different products, they may be shipped from different places.

Biometric Supply offers “Express” and “Economy” shipping options.

  • “Express” option means that the shipping will be performed using the fastest service from a shipping carrier but for a higher price. Usually this kind of shipping is performed by air and is available for most countries. If the order requires the products to be shipped from different places, each part of the order would be delivered using the fastest shipping service from a specific shipping company if available, otherwise an economy option would be used.
  • “Economy” option means that the shipping will be performed using an inexpensive service from a shipping carrier but Usually this kind of shipping is performed by ground and may be not available for some countries. If the order requires the products to be shipped from different places, each part of the order would be delivered using the most inexpensive shipping service from a specific shipping company if available, otherwise an express option would be used.
  • Some countries or destinations may have only “Express” or (rarely) only “Economy” shipping option. In this case no choice will be offered to the customer and the available shipping option will be used.


The warranty for the products that are available for sale on the Biometric Supply web site is provided by the product manufacturers. If the product ceases functioning during the warranty period for any reason, the customer should contact the product’s manufacturer for the repair or replacement according to the manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Refunding & Returning

Biometric Supply allows its customers to return the purchased product and apply for refund within 7 days of the original date of receiving if the product does not meet customer’s needs.

  • Customers who are eligible for returns will be refunded the original purchase price for the product.
  • Customers from European Union member countries will be also refunded the Value Added Tax (VAT) for the product.
  • Shipping charges and VAT for shipping services are not refunded.
  • The following conditions must be met for the product:
    • the product must function normally;
    • the product must have no external or internal damage;
    • the product must be in the original and not damaged package.
  • Customers must arrange the shipping to the location designated by Biometric Supply and pay for it.

Online Shop Policy Changes

Biometric Supply reserves the rights to change this policy at any moment. If there is a change to this Policy, a prominent notice will be posted on this page.