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  • BioMini Combo

    Suprema BioMini Combo


    Suprema BioMini Combo is a device that contains optical fingerprint scanner and smart card reader.

    The fingerprint scanner is based on a fingerprint sensor, which was certified by the FBI as FIPS-201 / PIV-071006 compliant. The manufacturer specifies that the sensor is able to reject fake or spoof fingerprints and works well even under direct sunlight.

    The device also contains embedded contact smart card reader. The smart card reader accepts ISO 7816 and EMV 2000 smart cards. 5V, 3V and 1.8V cards are supported. The specified transmission rate is from 2 to 500 kbps.

  • BioMini

    Suprema BioMini Plus 2


    Suprema BioMini Plus 2 has been designed to provide high level security solution with its proven reliability of FBI-PIV & STQC certifications. BioMini Plus 2 features industry’s most advanced MDR(multi dynamic range) technology to capture exceptional image quality even under extreme lighting conditions (operates under direct sunlight up to 100,000 LUX).

    The scanner also features cutting-edge live fingerprint detection (LFD) technology for improved security against spoofing, and the latest version of multi award-winning Suprema algorithm for better performance.

  • BioMini Slim 2

    Suprema BioMini Slim 2


    Suprema BioMini Slim 2 is a compact single finger reader. The reader is certified by the FBI as PIV (FIPS-201) and Mobile ID FAP20 compliant.

    The manufacturer specifies that BioMini Slim 2 includes live finger detection that allows to reject fake or spoof fingerprints.

    The fingerprint sensor surface has IP65-rated protection level, meaning that its internals are completely sealed and protected from dust and water projected from a nozzle.

    The device has ultra-slim form-factor, which provides flexibility for its usage scenarios.

  • RealScan-D

    Suprema RealScan-D


    The RealScan-D from Suprema is an optical live fingerprint reader. The device is certified by FBI as suitable for civil and forensic AFIS.

    RealScan-D features fingerprint sensor with large platen that allows to scan two flat fingerprints simultaneously, as well as single rolled or flat fingerprints.

    The manufacturer specifies that the scanner provides high quality capture for wet and dry fingers. Scanner’s design allows to use it in kiosk applications.

  • RealScan-G1

    Suprema RealScan-G1


    Suprema RealScan-G1 is a PIV-certified single fingerprint reader. The scanner is designed for using in high traffic enrollment and identification applications.

    The manufacturer specifies that the RealScan-G1 includes Life Finger Detection hardware which prevents the usage of spoof fingerprints.

    Scanner’s compact design is making it suitable for using in desktop systems, mobile kits, as well as embedding it into kiosks. The specified IP54 casing means the device is protected from dust and water splashes. The rugged casing and the scratch-resistant optical sensor makes the scanner suitable for heavy usage scenario like capturing biometric data in the field.

  • RealScan-G10

    Suprema RealScan-G10


    Suprema RealScan-G10 is a compact live fingerprint reader that is able to capture flat and rolled fingerprints.

    The RealScan-G10 is certified by the FBI as IAFIS IQS Appendix F compliant fingerprint scanner. The device is also compliant to IDENT, US-VISIT and DHS requirements.

    The scanner is able to capture plain ten-prints using four-finger slaps and dual-thumbs capture. Single flat and rolled fingerprints capture is also supported.