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  • BMT-20

    CMI Tech BMT-20


    Easy to use, the system can be reliably positioned by the subject with minimal instructions, or by an operator with the aid of positioning feedback LEDs on the top of the imager’s housing. The patent pending optical design of the BMT-20 includes expanded depth of field and a very large interpupillary distance range, providing effortless capture for subjects of all ages.

    Intended for applications in which subjects have limited prior experience with biometrics devices, the BMT-20 is ideal for enrollment programs of all sizes, including those involving very young children.

  • Columbo

    Integrated Biometrics Columbo


    Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo is a single fingerprint reader designed for desktop applications. It is certified as PIV / FIPS 201 and FBI Appendix F FAP 30 compliant fingerprint scanner.

    The scanner is based on proprietary LES (Light Emitting Sensor) technology, which ensures high-quality fingerprint scanning even when dirty, dry or rough fingers are scanned.

    The manufacturer specifies that the device has IP54 Ingress protection, meaning that it is protected from dust and splashing water.

  • Curve

    Integrated Biometrics Curve


    Integrated Biometrics Curve fingerprint reader is based on a proprietary LES Film imaging technology.

    The LES (Light Emitting Sensor) technology is based on multi-layer fingerprint scanning. Sensor’s external layers read a finger. A luminescent layer then produces a preliminary fingerprint image that is scanned by an optical sensor. The resulting image has high quality even when dirty, dry or rough fingers are scanned.