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Integrated Biometrics Curve


Integrated Biometrics Curve

Integrated Biometrics Curve fingerprint reader is based on a proprietary LES Film imaging technology.

The LES (Light Emitting Sensor) technology is based on multi-layer fingerprint scanning. Sensor’s external layers read a finger. A luminescent layer then produces a preliminary fingerprint image that is scanned by an optical sensor. The resulting image has high quality even when dirty, dry or rough fingers are scanned.

The manufacturer claims that fingerprint sensor’s curved surface results in low ridge distortion which means higher quality fingerprint images. The LES technology allows to reject spoof and latent fingerprints, as well as ignores grease and other contamination on the sensor’s surface. The sensor has durable surface which withstands large number of touches.

The Curve fingerprint reader is specified to have low power consumption, auto-on control and multi-color LEDs to provide feedback for users.


  • Live finger detection
  • Low ridge distortions due to curved sensor surface
  • Operates in direct sunlight
  • Durable sensor surface with low maintenance
  • Low power consumption

Sensor size

Image size




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