ISO/IEC 19794-7

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  • IriShield - MO 2120

    IriTech IriShield USB MO 2120


    The IriShield USB MO 2120 is a ready-to-integrate component for single iris capture. The component includes a camera module and an USB board. Low power consumption and mobile OS support makes it suitable for using in various embedded or handheld solutions.

    Each eye is illuminated by infrared LED, thus irises can be captured in various indoor and outdoor environments. The captured iris images are compliant with ISO/IEC 19794-6 standard.

    IriShield – USB MK 2120U – a ready-to-use end user iris camera based on this hardware is also available.

  • VistaEY2

    Vista Imaging VistaEY2


    VistaEY2 is a compact dual iris and face camera manufactured by Vista Imaging.

    The device is able to capture both irises simultaneously. Also the device includes 3 Megapixel camera for face capture and microphone for voice capture. The device produces standards-compliant iris and face images: the captured iris images are compliant to the ISO/IEC 19794-6 standard and the face images – to the ISO/IEC 19794-5.

    The manufacturer specifies that VistaEY2 multi-positional iris illumination allows authentication on target subjects with eyewear.